State Line Veterinary Hospital

325 South Daniel Webster HWY., Nashua, NH 03060


Medical Record Services

A legible, individual record is maintained for every patient. It indicates the problem, history, examination findings, and plan for care and follow-through.

Exam room


Examination facilities are equipped, clean and well maintained to offer pet owners and their pet a comfortable, welcoming environment during their visit. Annual physical, wellness, and diagnostic examinations are implemented daily. Vaccinations for well and preventative care are administered during annual and wellness care visits. Blood tests, urine tests, and radiological tests as appropriate can be used during diagnostic examinations.

Exam room

Diagnostic Imaging

The hospital generates quality radiographic images on the premises as needed for diagnostics. The veterinarian interprets and presents findings to pet owners during the diagnostic process.

Surgery Suite

A separate room is utilized for surgery. Aseptic procedures, attire, and equipment necessary to provide best practices, quality surgical procedures are employed. Anesthetic services include equipment and processes to ensure quality patient care and comfort, and employee safety. Canine and feline ovariohysterectomy and castration surgeries are performed weekly. Soft tissue surgery, aural hematoma, abscess surgery, hernia repair surgery are some examples of other routine surgeries performed.

Dental Services are also performed in our surgery suite. Routine teeth cleanings include scaling and polishing, and a go home toothbrush with canine/feline toothpaste. Extractions are performed as needed.


The hospital is equipped with an in-house pharmacy that is safely maintained in accordance with federal, state and provincial regulations. Veterinarians prescribe for preventative health needs, and immediate care needs of patients.


Superchem, CBC, Thyroid Blood Test, Urinalysis, Histopathology, Skin Scraping, Leukemia/Aids Blood Test for felines, Eye Stain, Ear Swab Evaluation, Cytology Aspirate and ova/parasite fecal labs are some examples of diagnostic procedures used at State Line Hospital.

Prescriptions Diet

State Line Veterinary Hospital has Hill's Science Diet Prescription, and Adult and Growth diet foods for canines and felines. The veterinarian prescribes a special diet when a pet has a medical condition such as urinary to assist with recovery and prevent reoccurrence.

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